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Who is Vidushi Gupta?​

Vidushi Gupta was born in September 1993 in the city of love, Agra, completing her schooling from St. Conrad’s Inter College. Growing up, she picked up great love for books and scribbling, which only grew as she did. After the completion of her school, she joined the course of Chartered Accountancy along which she also completed her Bachelors in Commerce from St. John’s College. She finished her CA Intermediate, ATC and 3 year CA Internship, was all through her CA Final preparations, simultaneously looking forward to an MBA in Finance when she randomly decided to leave it all and take up writing as her full time profession at the age of 24.

Vidushi Gupta's Writing career


She began her writing career with freelancing, writing for numerous clients, the most prominent being the President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Later, she shifted her focus on Blogs, Social Media Writing and Book Writing.

Vidushi Gupta: The Prolific Author


She has authored  close to 10 books, published in both traditional and self publishing over the years. She taught herself with the intricacies of the art and craft like YouTube,  Digital Marketing, Publishing and more. Later, she got into the corporate job world, and learnt another facets of writing in several industries. In her writing career she has learned the different forms of writing and still continues to learn more. 

Personal Life and spirituality

Her life touched spirituality after two major setbacks in her life, the sudden demise of her father in Covid and the breaking down of her marriage after a long relationship, which made her question on love, life and all she had ever known about everything, which now makes her want to travel often around and find the truth.

vidushi gupta as writer, author and influencer by Vidushi Gupta

Through her website, Vidushi aims to share whatever that she has learnt in her little life, as a body and soul and hopes that she would or could be of help to someone, somewhere and fulfill her purpose and little part in bringing some light into the world. by vidushi gupta