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Agya Chakra -Awakening Inner Wisdom

The Agya Chakra, or the sixth Chakra is all about the inner knowledge, the inner masters we all are when it comes to our lives, fate and Karma. The Agya Chakra, also known as the Ajna Chakra reminds us to go beyond limits and to expand оur being into limitless realm of intuition, wisdom and balance. Read more at Agyanetra below and delve into a wealth of valuable information that can enrich your understanding and empower your journey.

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Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Energy is the core of everything that surrounds us and our past, present and future could be reflected in the energies that we carry.

Tarot is one of the most practiced and prominent divination technique that is used to study these energies and guide us better through our life. Get your Tarot reading today and hear what the cards have to tell you! 

Vidushi Gupta has been practicing Tarot reading since over year now and has helped quite a lot of people with accurate guidance over situations. Her dedication and expertise have garnered a multitude of satisfied clients who have found clarity and direction through her readings.



We all need an ear to hear us out, and sometimes, it’s done best by someone who can just be there without any judgement, without any prejudice or partiality.

 Neutrality is often the best that we require when things go south in our life.

Vidushi Gupta has been into the field of writing for around a decade and she has connected with hundreds of people over their stories both offline and online and she would love to connect with you if there’s anything you want to tell her. 


(And don’t worry, she won’t bog you down with unnecessary preaching).

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Writing Workshop

Are you a writer/author/poet or aspiring to become one and would need someone to help you with the queries about writing, publishing, storytelling or anything that you think is hampering your word journey?

Vidushi Gupta has written 10 books, all listed on Amazon with over hundreds of reviews. She also has written over 700+ of articles both as a freelancer and on her social accounts.

She’s an active writer on her Quora account with over a thousand answers and around 18 Million views, and of course, is in absolute love with the craft of writing and would love to be of any help in your writing career. 

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Astrology Services

Explore the cosmos with our Astrology Services. Our expert astrologers offer personalized guidance tailored to your birth chart. Uncover insights into relationships, career, and personal growth. From understanding your unique planetary alignments to discovering hidden talents and opportunities, our consultations provide valuable clarity and direction. Schedule your consultation today and unlock your cosmic potential.

Experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that many have found through our services, with numerous clients praising our accurate readings and valuable advice.

Join our community of satisfied customers today and begin your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Love & Relationships​

Love & Relationships

If anything, our life is majorly defined by the people we surround ourselves with, be it a lover or in our relationships, which has gone a huge change in the past few decades. Why are we all looking for true love yet none or very few of us can actually get it? Has love lost its charm or is there anything we are missing? Let’s find out.

Marriage and family

Marriage & Family

There were times when traditional marriages would work smoothly but now, in 2023, complete family system in and around the world has changed. How different aspects of modernity is impacting the marriages and family institution today is of core importance to understand to build healthier families.

Modern men

The Modern Men

Long gone are the days when being a man meant a specific set of rules. Now, the modern metropolitan Indian Male is rising above his horizons and redefining masculinity for the new generation.

women and feminism by vidushi gupta

Women & Feminism

There were times when the fairer gender was encaged in limited societal factors, but now, women are touching skies in every field.

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Traveling & Explorations

Many souls are pinched by the bug of wanderlust. This corner covers all the vitamins and minerals for such travel cravers.

Fiction & Poetry

Poetry is the medicine of the aching heart and fiction is the gateway to escape reality. Check out some of the most beautiful pieces of literature from authors and writers of all times. 

Power of Pen

Welcome to the writer’s paradise where we talk about all the intricacies that goes in the art of writing, publishing and making a full career as a writer. 

Mysticism & Spirituality

We are not bodies that have a soul living inside. We are all a soul having a body. Sprituality is the journey that transcendent you from materialistic world into a realm that redefines you how you view the world.

Authored Books

Ever since her childhood, Vidushi had dreamt of books, first as a reader and when she grew, as an author. The society, the people, the relationships and everything in between urged her to pen down herself in pages after pages, her mind taking the shape of published books. You can find and read them all here.
Health & Fitness​ by vidushi gupta

Health & Fitness

In the ever stressful world, it is extremely important to keep one’s health as a priority. Discover articles about mental, physical, emotional and psychological health so that you can lead a quality life

Books and Movies​ by vidushi gupta

Books & Movies

Art is what makes us keep going and fill in some colors to our monotonous scheduled life. Know about which interesting book, movie or web series should you be picking up at this weekend. (And there won’t be spoilers, promise!)

Beauty & lifestyle

Fashion & tradition has time and again changed, evolved and so have been the parameter around beauty across time immemorial. Catch some of the latest beauty and Fashion trends from across the globe and tweet up your style statement.