How to Control Cravings for Junk Food?

If you are looking for how to control cravings for junk food, you’ve come to the right place. You are not alone in your struggle; many of us have been there, crossing the tricky land of junk food cravings. It’s a never-ending tug-of-war between the compelling pull of junk food and the desire for a better, fitter self.

But don’t worry, there is a way to accomplishment, and it’s time to finish this battle once and for all. If you want a detailed guide on how to stop your cravings for Junk food then Follow along on a journey to learn effective ways to fight hungry cravings and reclaim control over what you eat, leading the way to a better, more fulfilling life.

How to control cravings for junk food?: 15 Ways

Junk food is like a lifeline for more than half a population and It’s beyond difficult to stay away from the taste and mesmerizing aroma of freshly served junk food. I know it because I have been there in your place.

How to Control Cravings for Junk Food?

But all that time you scroll through Instagram looking at perfect summer bodies and crying while eating chips wishing for it. That constant battle between eating all that junk and still wanting to look good and how conveniently we let the junk food win.

And then there are those genetically gifted people who can eat whatever they want but nothing makes a difference to them?

But there’s a third category of people who actually put their lives straight, avoid junk food completely, and get the toned physique that you always desire.

We see reasons and signs every day and everywhere shouting to us that we need to eat healthy but somehow the goddamned junk food always wins. So, let’s put an end to this war once and for all!

Did You Know?

Food cue reactivity is a powerful motivator for eating, even when we’re not hungry, potentially hindering our efforts to maintain a healthy diet and body weight.


Try and adapt the following ways to help us avoid those junk food cravings

  1. Avoid Extreme Hunger
  2. Plan Meals in Advance
  3. Stay Hydrated
  4. Distract Yourself
  5. Change Your Wallpaper
  6. Stress Management
  7. Differentiate Cravings and Hunger
  8. Prioritize Sleep
  9. Choose Healthy Snacks
  10. Opt for Smart Drinks
  11. Engage in Physical Activity
  12. Reduce Sugar Intake
  13. Digital Detox
  14. Explore Alternatives
  15. Set Rewarding Goals

Now, we will explain each of these points below to provide more insights and ideas on how to control cravings for junk food.

15 Practical Steps for Curbing Your Junk Food Cravings

To successfully overcome those persistent junk food cravings, it’s essential to implement practical strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

15 Practical Steps for Curbing Your Junk Food Cravings

Let’s explore these steps in more detail, empowering you to make healthier choices and avoid succumbing to the allure of unhealthy snacks.

Avoid getting extremely hungry

Don’t wait until you’re really hungry to eat, that can easily increase your craving for any readily available junk food. So try to keep munching on snacks such as fruits or dry fruits.

Plan your meals

If you decide what you want to eat for a particular meal, your mind is less likely to wander around for other options. Maybe make a chart or something on your phone and things will become easier.


I have read this in so many places that sometimes we’re not even hungry but we mistake our need for water with hunger and end up eating junk food. So stay hydrated as much as you can.

Distract yourself

Every time you get a junk food craving, try to distract yourself. Maybe read something or go for a walk or hit the gym, whatever suits you the best. Don’t walk towards street food carts or the market or else every attempt will go down the drain.

Change your wallpaper

Change it to some healthy food, a summer body goal, or a workout challenge, and automatically you’ll be motivated not to eat junk food. If you don’t want to change remove your selfie from your wallpaper, it’s okay.

You can also put a sticky note on your mirror where you can see it every day. Believe me, it helps.

Don’t stress

An increase in stress can lead to stress eating and please, no one eats salads while stress eating. We only look for comfort food. So relax yourself, take a break once in a while, don’t stress yourself too much.

Understand the difference

There’s a huge difference between cravings and hunger. You need to understand and realize on your own which one you’re feeling and accordingly, you will learn to overcome your craving in time.

Sleep Early

You find a new web series to binge-watch and decide to watch it overnight but that takes a lot of toll on your health and you somehow get the urge to eat a lot of junk food. So, try to avoid it and make a sleeping schedule.

Eat Healthy

There are a lot of snack options that you can substitute for junk food snacks. Such as Roasted Chick Peas, dry fruits, seasonal fruits, boiled eggs, etc. Keep a stock of these food items at your home so you don’t feel the urge to eat or order junk food.


Black coffee without sugar is known to burn calories faster and is healthy for your heart and digestive system. You can even drink green tea which contains antioxidants and helps burn fat.

  Start Workout: Go and join a gym class, a CrossFit class, or a Zumba class, when you see your body working hard and shedding all those extra calories you’ll feel more motivated to eat healthy and reward your body with proper rest and proper diet.

Avoid Sugar

Most of us can’t avoid the urge for ice cream or chocolates thats because they contain caramel which is highly addictive similar to drugs but eating a lot of sugar can be dangerous for High Blood Sugar and other heart diseases.

You should slowly and gradually get rid of or at least reduce saturated sugar from your daily life. It will make you more active and reduce junk food cravings.


Remove all those Instagram accounts from your profile that promote unhealthy food or increase your cravings.

Yes, they might be the gifted ones who never gain weight even after eating junk all their life, or they just might be food vloggers who just want to promote their channel.

But it’s giving you second thoughts and that’s not healthy, right? So, do yourself a favor and stop following them, or at least restrict their Instagram account so you don’t see their posts.

Find other means

I know a lot of people who hate going to the gym and they usually have a pretty good excuse to avoid it.

But I have a perfect counter for them, if you can’t go to the gym, go join a swimming class, join a sport, get your dancing feet on, go brisk walking there are a lot of options if you dream a fit version of you.

Set a Goal

If you are hard core fan of Pizza or Burger. Then set a goal. Say for 6 months and promise yourself that you’ll not eat any junk food in that period. Now go out there and get your workout routine ready.

When you have successfully achieved your goal for 6 months you can go out and get yourself a cheat meal. But only if you worked hard you truly deserve it!

Being able to avoid junk food is not very difficult, trust me. It may take time but if you work a little harder than usual, you can achieve it all.

You also need to understand that setbacks are completely normal so you will learn from them and keep moving forward because you can do it.

It’s as easy as waking up one morning and deciding you want a change. “Let food be thy medicine,” let’s make smart food choices and stay healthy!

Final words

It’s important to remember that change takes time and work in our quest to overcome junk food cravings and choose healthier choices.

While our addiction to junk food can be a powerful foe, these tactics, backed by research and practical insight, can provide us with the skills we need to win the war.

We have the information to take control, whether it’s recognizing the potency of food cues, the obstacles of extinction, or the possibility of inhibitory training.

So, take it one step at a time, be patient with yourself, and keep focused on your objectives. Your journey to a healthier diet and a happier one begins with the decisions you make today.


Why do food cravings persist even when I’m not hungry?

Food cravings often persist because they are influenced by conditioned responses to food cues, making them independent of actual hunger. These cues trigger a desire for specific foods, even when you do not need nourishment.

How can I overcome food cravings effectively?

Overcoming food cravings involves strategies like mindful eating, managing stress, and identifying the triggers that lead to cravings. By addressing these factors, you can successfully curb your cravings.

Can food cue exposure treatment help reduce cravings?

Yes, food cue exposure treatment can be effective in reducing cravings, especially when conducted in relevant contexts, occasionally reinforced, and focused on expectancy violation rather than habituation.

What are some quick strategies to stop a food craving in its tracks?

Quick strategies include drinking a glass of water, chewing sugar-free gum, or distracting yourself with a non-food-related activity, like a short walk or deep breathing exercises.

How does mindful eating help in controlling food cravings?

Mindful eating encourages you to be fully present during meals, savoring each bite and paying attention to hunger cues. This can help you make more conscious and satisfying food choices, reducing cravings in the long run.

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