The Authored Books of Vidushi Gupta

Today we will explore The Authored Books of Vidushi Gupta. In the enchanting realm where words dance and imagination thrives, one name shines brightly – Vidushi Gupta. A literary luminary, her profound connection with books traces back to her childhood dreams. From a fervent reader to a prolific author, Vidushi’s journey has been one of passion, perseverance, and the profound power of storytelling.

Dive into the enthralling realm of stories created by Vidushi Gupta, a gifted writer. The books she has written are listed below, and they promise to take you on a memorable journey through emotions, relationships, and intriguing narratives.

Each work demonstrates her creative skill and capacity to convey the essence of human experiences. Prepare for a literary trip as you read through Vidushi Gupta’s pages.

The Incurable Cure: Sometimes The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease Kindle Edition

Prepare to be enthralled by one of Vidushi Gupta’s most captivating works. Jiya, an intrepid travel blogger, meets the intriguing bartender Vihaan amid a magnificent Goan sunset in this captivating story. She has no idea that this seemingly random encounter will tear the fabric of her reality, since Vihaan’s true identity is far from what it appears to be.

Meanwhile, in the shadows of Goa’s colourful beaches, Aahir, the renowned pianist, and Kavi, his sweetheart, appear to be in a happy relationship. However, behind their ideal partnership lies an unspoken truth, a revelation so profound that it has the power to reshape the very core of their bond.

Kyra, a woman of elegance who conceals a terrifying history as a high-class escort, takes sanctuary in her hidden haven from the horrors that continue to plague her. She struggles with the repercussions of a critical event that changed her life into something she despises.

As these disparate lives collide, a web of secrets emerges, held together by a mysterious thread that connects Siya, Vihaan, Aahir, Kavi, and Kyra. Within the colorful fabric of Goa’s celebrations is an elaborately woven story bursting with enigmas from a lifetime.

The disclosures will astound you as the layers of secrets gradually peel away, testing your notions of the human psyche, emotions, and the inexplicable ways in which they can appear. This literary masterpiece is ready to capture your imagination, pique your interest, and stay with you long after the last page is turned.

The Unending Maze : Because Finding Your Way Out Has Never Been More Difficult

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Kalimpong in the Indian Himalayas, Vidushi Gupta’s riveting tale introduces Amaya, a young widow who discovers new hues in life through the mysterious Rehan.

But as the narrative unfolds, Amaya realizes that hidden complexities abound. Rehan’s actual motives remain unclear, and connections to her late husband Agastya emerge. In this romantic thriller, Gupta masterfully weaves suspense and love, ultimately leading to a startling revelation that will leave readers in awe.

The tranquil town transforms into a stage for secrets and unexpected turns, painting a narrative where beauty and mystery converge.

She : The Shameless Wife

Anu, a progressive and ambitious lady, meets Karan, her team leader at her new work, in a contemporary Indian context. Their bond quickly turns into love, motivating them to start on a marital adventure.

However, the strength of their connection is put to the test when Anu, a modern thinker, joins Karan’s traditional and orthodox family. The pair faces a tremendous struggle in 2020’s India, which is a mash-up of patriarchy, feminism, joint families, and nuclear families.

Can their love withstand the conflict of viewpoints, or will sexism cast a shadow over their relationship? As they face the conflict between tradition and modernity, the destiny of their marriage hangs in the balance, leading readers to wonder if love will triumph or if their partnership will deteriorate into toxicity.

How to Write a Book: The Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to be an author someday? Writing is a beautiful and challenging art form. Writing a book is a journey, and assistance may be life-changing.

In this small book, I reach out to people who are feeling lost on this path. Let us work together to flood the world with our stories, revealing the stories that live within us. We all need that nudge and assistance to put pen to paper. Allow me to give you that push. Let us use our words to paint the world together.

The Three Tales: ne of the best The Authored Books of Vidushi Gupta

Three Tales” weaves stories of resilience: Rahul and Anjali’s life is reshaped by a medical report; Shreya encounters a formidable supernatural force in her new home; Zarun and Sneha’s love tests societal norms.

In this collection, real-life incidents spotlight humanity’s triumphs over darkness, fueled by positivity, courage, strength, and hope.

Love, Relationship And Breakup: The Triangular Saga

The dating and love game will rise in the all-new decade of the 2020s, providing even more space for romantic relationships to develop, and as more people fall into the dating and relationship process, the more frequently breakups will occur, leaving the youth heartbroken, confused, and skeptical about love, relationships, marriages, companionship, and everything associated with them.

This short E-book is merely a simple guide to provide gen z some insights into love, relationships, and breakups so that they can make good decisions concerning issues of the heart.

Romantic Games

Have you ever played the romance game? Have you ever loved someone but found yourself attracted to someone else? Or have you ever been a part of such a story?

Based on real-life occurrences that occur all around us in this modern age, this short book offers a fresh perspective on love, relationships, and adultery.

Shades of A Human: An Anthology

“Shades Of A Human” is an anthology of eleven short stories that vividly depict the rich spectrum of human emotions. From love and anger to sadness and happiness, these tales encapsulate the essence of the human experience.

Each narrative paints a portrait of real lives, delving into the intricate tapestry of emotions that define us.

Best Of Quora

In the realm of question-answer platforms, Quora shines as a global leader. Within these pages lies a compilation of my finest, most upvoted responses from years of participation.

Some answers offer quirky and entertaining glimpses into the world of both genders, providing lighthearted insights. Yet, amid the quirkiness, lie unfiltered truths about 21st-century Indian society.

These truths, often stark and direct, call for acknowledgment and action. This collection stands as a mirror to our society, urging us to embrace change and pave a brighter path forward.

Final words

Vidushi Gupta’s works are a monument to the enduring beauty of storytelling in a world where words affect our views and emotions bond us together.

She has lit the fires of empathy and woven threads of connection that cross the gap between hearts through her words. Her journey, like her works, invites everyone to explore, feel, and be reminded of the marvelously rich mosaic of humanity that we all share.


Who is Vidushi Gupta and what is her connection to the world of books?

Vidushi Gupta is a passionate individual whose relationship with books began during her childhood. From being an avid reader, she transitioned into becoming a skilled author, crafting narratives that delve into emotions, relationships, and the human experience.

Can you tell me about Vidushi Gupta’s literary journey?

Vidushi Gupta’s journey started as a devoted reader, fueled by a fascination for stories. As she grew, she transformed into an accomplished author, giving life to characters, emotions, and plots that resonate deeply with readers.

What themes are explored in Vidushi Gupta’s authored books?

Her books cover a diverse range of themes, from love and relationships to societal complexities and human emotions. Her narratives reflect the multifaceted nature of life, providing insights into the beauty and challenges that shape our experiences.

How do Vidushi Gupta’s books connect with readers?

Her books serve as a bridge between the world of literature and the human heart. Through her stories, she taps into the universal emotions that bind us all. Her narratives resonate deeply, encouraging readers to reflect on their own experiences and emotions while immersing themselves in her crafted worlds.

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