The Mirror’s Master: Unmasking the Narcissist Husband

Step into a world where enigma shrouds every reflection, and emotions weave a tapestry of intrigue. We proudly present our latest tale for the readers of The Mirror’s Master: Unmasking the Narcissist Husband.

The Mirror's Master: Unmasking the Narcissist Husband

Get ready to immerse yourself in a tale that will challenge your perceptions and tug at your heartstrings. Welcome to a world where the mirrors hold secrets, and the heart yearns for truth.

The Mirror’s Master: Unmasking the Narcissist Husband [ Story ]

Living Room of a very beautiful house that was built to feed the male ego of Rohan.

A house, not home, a lack of emotional connection, personalization, or comfort. It could be because of strained relationships, unresolved conflicts, or a sense of isolation within the space.

A home is more than just a physical structure; it is a place where one feels safe, loved, and has a sense of belonging. If these emotional aspects are missing, a house might remain merely a structure without the warmth and emotional resonance that defines a true home.

On a quiet and depressing evening, Pooja was sitting on the comfortable couch.

Pooja: (sighs) I do not know how much longer I can keep up with this fa├žade.

Rohan: (glancing at his reflection in a mirror while walking towards her) What do you mean, dear?

Pooja: (looking apprehensive) It is just…our married life feels like I am living in your shadow. Everything revolves around you, your needs, your desires, your orders, your decisions. I am nowhere.

Rohan: (smirking while sitting beside her) Well, I am quite the catch, aren’t I?

Pooja: (forces a smile) Of course, but sometimes I feel invisible like my opinions and feelings do not matter at all. I am like a living showpiece taken birth to beautify your house

Rohan: (waves a dismissive hand) You’re just being sensitive. I know what is best for us.

Pooja: But shouldn’t we make decisions together as a team?

Rohan: (leaning closer to the mirror, admiring himself) I am the leader of this team. My decisions are what is best for both of us and the kids.

Pooja: (hesitant) But what about my dreams and aspirations?

Rohan: (laughs) Your dreams? They are cute distractions, my dear. You have me and kids. That should be enough.

Pooja: (voice quivering) It is not enough. I want to pursue my passions, too.

Rohan: (laughs again) Pursue your passions? Do not be ridiculous. Your role is to support me, look after the kids, and make our house a pleasant place for me.

Pooja: (teary-eyed) But what about my happiness? I feel like I am caged in a gold cage. I want to fly in the sky and need you as air beneath my wings.

Rohan: (impatiently) Your happiness is tied to mine. As long as I am happy, you should be happy, too.

Pooja: (voice breaking) But I feel like I am losing myself in this marriage.

Rohan: (growing irritated) Oh, stop being dramatic. You have everything you need, a luxurious home, loving kids, and a husband who takes care of you. What more could you want?

Pooja: (softly) I want to feel loved and valued for who I am, not just as an extension of you.

Rohan: (angered) You’re being ungrateful. I give you everything, and this is how you repay me?

Pooja: (gathering courage) I’m not asking for the world, just some understanding and support for my dreams.

Rohan: (sarcastically) Fine, do whatever you want. But do not expect me to be there to clean up your messes when you fail.

Pooja: (tearful) It should not be about winning or losing. Can’t we be partners in this journey?

Rohan: (growing agitated) Partners? I am the one who brings home the money. You should be grateful for the life I have given you.

Pooja: (with determination) I am grateful for the life we have, but I also want to be valued for who I am.

Rohan: (dismissively) Enough of this nonsense. I am done talking about it.

Pooja: (gently) Please, let us talk about this. I do not want to feel like I am drowning in this marriage.

Rohan: (storms out of the room) I do not have time for this. Figure it out yourself.

Pooja: (whispers to herself) The mirror’s master, blinded by his reflection, unable to see the pain he inflicts on those who love him.

At that moment, Pooja resolves to unmask the narcissistic husband, reclaim her identity, and find the strength to stand up for herself and her dreams.

She knows that her journey will not be easy, but she is determined to break free from the shackles of the  master and find her voice in the symphony of life.

This short story is the true colour of almost every Narcissist male, where the spouse is a mere puppet in the hands of an emotionless animal.

After five years

As the days go by,  Pooja begins to realize the importance of self-love. She understands that she cannot continue to sacrifice her dreams and desires for the sake of her husband’s ego.

The Mirror's Master: Unmasking the Narcissist Husband [ Story ]

Slowly but steadily, she learns to value herself, her aspirations, and her well-being. With newfound courage, she confronts her husband’s narcissistic tendencies, setting boundaries and standing up for her needs.

It is not an easy journey, but she knows it’s crucial for her growth and happiness.  Through self-reflection, she realizes that she deserves to be heard and respected, not just as a partner but as an individual with her dreams and aspirations.

The mirror’s master no longer holds power over her; she breaks free from his illusion and embraces her true self.

As she embraces self-love, her voice becomes stronger, and her sense of identity blossoms. With each step she takes, she unearths the strength to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In the symphony of life, she learns to create a harmony where her needs and desires are valued just as much as anyone else’s. Self-love becomes her guiding light, empowering her to break the chains of the mirror’s master.

Dear readers, let this be a reminder that self-love is not selfishness; it is a vital element in any relationship.

In the quest for a harmonious life, we must remember to honor ourselves and our dreams, just as we do for others.

And to those who may be living with a narcissist, know that your voice is essential, your dreams matter, and your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s.

Embrace the power of self-love, and you will find the strength to unmask the mirror’s master and write your symphony of freedom and happiness.

The Narcissist’s Mask: Unveiling the layers

In shadows concealed, a man wrapped,

A narcissist’s mask, truth redefined.

His ego swells, a captivating art,

In self-obsessed love, he plays his part.

He weaves his charm, a delighting curse,

Leaving hearts shattered, and souls to repress.

But behind the mask, a void  is inhabited,

In his own reflection, he will be receded.

Yet hope remains, hearts can restore,

Breaking free from his toxic craze.

Unmask the narcissist, let truth unfold,

In self-love’s embrace, hearts align and behold.

Prachi Gupta

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