Why do extramarital affairs happen in India?

Why do extramarital affairs happen in India? Let’s look into the causes of this phenomenon. Extramarital affairs occur all around the world, but India has a special tale.

We’ll look at everything from social standards to personal challenges to figure out why these situations are more common here. Join us to discover the causes of the high prevalence of extramarital affairs in India’s unique marital landscape.

Over 50% of married individuals, encompassing both men and women, openly admit to experiencing emotional connections with someone outside their marriage or participating in extramarital affairs.

Why do extramarital affairs happen in India?: Explained

Navigating the complex chain of connections, particularly within India’s distinct cultural fabric, adds a new layer of difficulty to the age-old adage, “Relationships are complicated.

Why do extramarital affairs happen in India?

Despite careful attempts, many relationships, particularly marriages, hit impasses, prompting partners to indulge in extramarital affairs.

Cultural complexities, societal expectations, and familial restraints all add to the unique tapestry of Indian marriages.

The consequences of such affairs, which are typically shrouded in secrecy, can go undetected for an extended period.

However, when the truth is revealed, it disrupts the delicate balance, triggering a chain reaction of emotional anguish and familial upheaval.

Extramarital encounters can occur for a variety of reasons in India, where traditional beliefs and societal standards greatly influence relationships.

Cultural expectations, the difficult dance between personal desires and societal obligations, and the impact of economic stressors all add to the unique topography that influences the occurrence of such incidents in India.

Join us as we dig into the complexities of relationships within the Indian cultural context, discovering why people have extramarital relationships and investigating the tremendous influence these decisions have on the institution of marriage in this diverse and vibrant nation.

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What is the reason that most extramarital affairs occur?

There can be multiple reasons why people choose to break their marriage vows. Let us have a quick look at some of them.

What is the reason that most extramarital affairs occur?

Emotional Disconnect

A significant reason why extramarital affairs happen is because there is a feeling of emotional disconnect among the couple.

Spouses start feeling emotionally neglected or underappreciated. At such a weak point, if someone offers their shoulder to cry on, the partner is bound to find solace. Lack of emotional intimacy then becomes the vacuum that forces partners to seek fulfillment of their needs elsewhere.

Lack of Communication

Any relationship thrives when both partners can communicate their needs. Couples struggling to talk to each other openly are prone to misunderstandings. Then, finding someone else for companionship becomes evident as the Marriage continues to crumble.

Midlife Crisis

Young love is also quite forgiving. It is easier to overcome one another’s flaws and move ahead with passion. However, once a midlife crisis looms, it causes people to start reevaluating their choices, including marital commitments. Extramarital affairs can then become a means to regain the sense of lost youthfulness and adventure.

Sexual Dissatisfaction

Partners may usually not share the same intensity of passion. This sexual dissatisfaction forces the ungratified partner to look for love elsewhere. The novelty and excitement missing from the marital life can be enticing. At that time, partners fall hard for temptations coming from other people.

Low Self-Esteem

Generally, if one partner is suffering from low self-esteem, he would try to find external validation. If the partner feels unappreciated, any validation from outside could act as a strong temptation. Extramarital affairs at this point could act as a temporary boost to self-esteem.

Cultural and Societal Influences

Sometimes, societal norms play an influence, too. Societies generally stigmatize divorces and open communications about any issues in marriages. With no one to listen to, it is normal for a partner to look for love outside.

Technological Advances

Nowadays, the influence of social media cannot be undermined. Dating apps and social media platforms allow couples to explore new connections. The temptation to explore these choices becomes strong, mainly if the Marriage is already on the rocks.

Financial Strain

Economic stress could contribute to marriages breaking down. Those who are going through financial difficulties might look for some respite in an extramarital affair. Apart from that, if a partner wants an extravagant lifestyle, they may look for someone else to support it.

What are the side effects of extramarital affairs?

An extramarital affair cannot remain hidden forever. As and when the other partner gets to know, the repercussions can be harmful. Let us have a look at some serious issues that can crop up.

What are the side effects of extramarital affairs?

Loss of Trust

Once the details of the affair come out, the trust stands broken forever. Rebuilding it can be difficult, especially if that affair has gone on for long. It would be hard for the deceived partner to trust their spouse again fully.

Emotional Upheaval

The emotional impact of the affair can be devastating. Both partners grapple with anger, frustration, and a sense of betrayal. The situation worsens if the extramarital affair is serious and the partner is not apologetic. Coping with the damage can cause prolonged disputes in the family.


Impact on Children

If there are kids involved, the situation can worsen. Seeing your parent’s marriage breakdown can have lasting psychological consequences on children. Their outlook on love, commitment, and changes and the continuous fights instill negativity in tiny minds.

Rebuilding or Breaking Point

However, some couples might manage to weather the storm created by the affair. They might emerge stronger with a commitment to work harder on their bond. Yet there are minimal chances of the same happening and the extramarital affair ending in separation or divorce.

In the rich structure of Indian relationships, the why of extramarital affairs is like a conundrum. Cultural strands, personal struggles, and societal expectations all contribute to a complex story. Understanding why these partnerships exist is akin to grasping the intricate dance of customs and human decisions that underpins India’s various marriages.

Statistics on Extramarital Affairs

  • More than 50% of married individuals, both men and women, openly acknowledge having feelings for someone other than their spouse or engaging in extramarital affairs.
  • Surveys conducted on this topic reveal a significant prevalence of emotional connections or physical relationships outside the bounds of marriage.
  • The data underscores the commonality of extramarital affairs within the context of Indian society, shedding light on the complexities of relationships and the challenges couples face in maintaining fidelity.
  • These statistics highlight the need for a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to such affairs, emphasizing the importance of open communication and addressing the root causes to strengthen marital bonds.

Summing Up

Having an extramarital affair can be a short-term thing or may manifest into a long-term alliance. Mainly, the lack of communication fosters couples drifting apart from each other.

At this point, any new connection that completes the emptiness inside could become an affair.

There is a need for couples to manage their marital bond so any distraction cannot break it. This can only happen if both partners are on the same level of maturity and want to work hard to save the relationship.

With that sort of dedication, avoiding extramarital affairs becomes a breeze as they find solace in each other’s presence.


What commonly leads to extramarital affairs?

Extramarital affairs can happen for many reasons. Some of them we have mentioned above. The lack of love and appreciation can instigate a person to satisfy themselves outside the marital bond.

Can a marriage bounce back from an extramarital affair?

Yes, a marriage can recover from the trust break. However, both partners must work hard and address the issues with maturity.

How common are extramarital affairs?

There can be any reason for an extramarital affair. However, its exact prevalence cannot be predicted. It depends on how much a partner values the marital relationship.

How can couples prevent extramarital affairs?

To prevent the Marriage from breaking and an extramarital affair, couples must have a healthy and communicative bond. They must also address issues with maturity and maintain emotional and physical intimacy.

Are there warning signs that may indicate a partner is involved in an extramarital affair?

Yes, there can be signs which show a partner is erring. These are changes in behavior, being secretive, emotional distance, and lack of intimacy. However, these are not definitive signs, and there could be other reasons why the partner behaves this way.

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