Why do twin flames incarnate?: Everything You Need to Know

Today we will explore Why do twin flames incarnate? So, The concept of Twin Flames has intrigued and mystified humanity for ages. From Plato’s ancient musings to contemporary discussions, the idea of two souls eternally connected, destined to meet across lifetimes, remains a captivating subject.

In this brief exploration, we will shed light on the essence of Twin Flames, their purpose, and the transformative potential they hold. Later we will also explain What is twin flame in Hindu mythology? So, Join us on a journey to unravel the mystique surrounding these extraordinary soul connections.

Why Do Twin Flames Incarnate Together To Unite?

All of us have grown up listening to magical and mystical stories from our parents and grandparents, of angels and fairies or even monsters and ghosts, at that point believing it all, yet questioning the very same stories once we grew up.

Why Do Twin Flames Incarnate Together To Unite?

“Oh, they’re all stories,” we would say, all enmeshed in our normal everyday lives. Point being, most of us, though very much intrigued by the idea of  spiritual and supernatural “myths” around us, still would deny it all from our logical minds, even the idea that all souls are indeed not same and carry different formats of DNA’s on a very mystical platform.

What Are Twin Flames?: An Introduction

Twin Flames are two spirits who are thought to be spiritually and cosmically bonded. Some spiritual beliefs hold that these souls come from the same source and are essentially two parts of the same whole.

Twin Flames are said to have an intense and one-of-a-kind link that transcends time and space, and it is generally characterized by deep love, understanding, and a feeling of spiritual purpose. Meeting one’s Twin Flame is seen as a major and life-changing event.

The first active usage of the word ‘Twin Flames’ is found in Plato’s works 2500 years ago.

In the Symposium Plato wrote about how one soul was divided into two and sent on an eternal voyage, finding, losing and reuniting with each other across lives, birth and deaths across several worlds, forever longing in soul, heart and mind for the other.

He writes, “and when one of them meets with this other half, the actual half of itself, as if looking into a mirror, the pair is lost into an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy.”  Your Twin flame is your other half of soul inhabiting in a different body.

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What is the incarnation of twin flames?: Definition

The incarnation of Twin Flames refers to the process by which these two souls, originally one, take human form in separate physical bodies to experience life on Earth.

This incarnation is often seen as part of their soul’s journey, where they come into the physical realm to fulfill a specific purpose, learn important lessons, and ultimately reunite with their Twin Flame, achieving a higher level of spiritual awareness and growth.

How To Meet Your Twin Flame?

Meeting your twin flames is an act of destiny, divine timing and whether or not you made a soul contract with your flame to meet in this particular lifetime.  Many times both twin flames are not even born together on the earthly plane, one of them just existing in energetic 5D plane and not in 3D.

How To Meet Your Twin Flame?

It is only through our soul contracts and through the will of God it is decided who all are meant to meet, recognize and unite with their other half. Cosmically, it is such a massive energetic union that the two of the energies, the feminine and the masculine polarities have to come in total balance to be with each other on earthly plane.

However if you are destined to meet your twin flame in this lifetime, you will. The more spiritual you’ll become, the more inwards and towards divine you’ll move, the more are the chances that you’ll attract your twin soul to you.

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What is the incarnation of twin flames?: Reason of Reunite

There may be several lifetimes that can happen before Twin Flame finally reunite as it takes immense inner work to do so.

There is a major reason why Twin flames not only take birth together in the same timeline, meet and recognize each other and even come into a harmonious union as one. Here are few of the reasons why this special union takes place:

To Increase the earthly vibration through unconditional love in Twin flames

It is said that the light workers (the souls that take birth to work towards bringing more Divine light and knowledge into the world), are here to fight the dark energies so that the earth vibrations could rise collectively for a better future.

Twin soul’s reunion means the unity of a kind of spiritual and divine love that works on the principle of unconditional and unfearful love.  When love stories of this kind materialize into the earthly reality it sends a lesson of unconditional love with the societal foundations and limitations without any rules. The love exist on a soul level across eternity that never ends.

To complete a spiritual mission

Twin Flames do not incarnate and unite on this earth just for a romantic purpose. Twin flames descend so that they can help humanity and society as a whole together.

Be it in any sphere, twin flames together have to become guide and mentors for the society as a whole, especially in matters of spirituality, helping others in ascending on their spiritual joiners. Most twin flames are natural healers.

To ascend together towards their final destination towards divine

Most twin souls are old souls who are in final last lives and almost there on their destination, which is becoming one with their other half and going back into the source consciousness.

That is divine and finally be at peace and free from the cycles of birth, death and re-birth and all worldly acts after paying all their karmic debts and fulfilling all they were meant to do in all of their numerous lives.

What is twin flame in Hindu mythology?

In Hindu mythology, what’s a twin flame? Have you met yours? Well, when we delve into Hindu stories, we come across something like Plato’s idea – it’s called Ardhnareshwar.

This concept talks about God’s soul splitting into two parts, one being a goddess and the other being God. When they come together, it’s like a super powerful form of Shiva, representing ultimate truth and power.


Twin Flames are a very rare concept still, even though as of now there are many souls who have incarnated, most and highest in the history to do collective work towards all their spiritual and earthly responsibilities.

A lot of new age people think that it is a fancy thing to call themselves and the one they are dating as twin flames without knowing the true meaning of the word or why twin flames take birth and how difficult is their journey in their divine path and selflessly they have to live while fighting the innermost challenges and difficulties in addition to the normal life.

Most twin flames take several lives to come into union and fulfill their purpose after failing again and again. So it is extremely important to know why twin flames take shape on this plane without being in a confused state.


Does everyone have a twin flame?

Does everyone have Yes, each person has a twin flame somewhere. But it is totally possible that one will never meet him/her if that is not a part of their soul contract in this life. Several times it is only one twin who takes birth on earth while the other twin guides them from the energetic 5D plane.a twin flame?

How many twin flames can one have?

All of us can only have one twin flame but many soul-mates and Karmic partners.

Does Twin Flame always have to be in a romantic relationship?

No. Twin Flames can come in various roles but most and maximum twin flames come into romantic relationships for complete unification.

Why does the twin flame runner run to someone else?

The twin flame runner may run to someone else due to fear, unpreparedness, or the need for personal growth before fully embracing the connection with their Twin Flame.

What is the divine purpose of twin flames?

The divine purpose of Twin Flames is to work together to raise spiritual awareness and contribute positively to the collective consciousness, often serving as spiritual guides and healers for humanity.

Why do some Twin Flames experience periods of separation?

Some Twin Flames go through periods of separation to undergo individual soul growth and learning, which is essential before they can fully unite.

What is the role of unconditional love in the relationship between Twin Flames?

Unconditional love is a central aspect of the Twin Flame connection, as it helps both souls evolve and transcend earthly limitations.

What is the ultimate goal of Twin Flames in their journey together?

The ultimate goal for Twin Flames is to achieve a harmonious and balanced union, often characterized by a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment, growth, and service to humanity.

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