How to increase memory power Naturally: 10 proven Methods

How to increase memory power Naturally? Just engage in activities like regular exercise, and mindfulness practices, and consume memory-boosting foods while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. In the search for individual growth and mental well-being, the desire to boost memory ability naturally takes center stage. As we handle the pressures of our daily lives, the ability to remember and recall information becomes increasingly important.

A sharper memory is a desirable feature, whether for academic success, success in professional activities, or simply improving one’s overall quality of life. In this exploration of natural approaches to boost memory power, we start on a journey to seek answers based on science and lifestyle choices.

We take a holistic approach to harnessing our inherent cognitive abilities, beginning with mindfulness and mental exercises and progressing to the impact of physical activity, adequate sleep, and brain-nourishing foods.

Join us as we investigate the art of naturally enhancing memory power—an endeavor that not only enhances academic performance but also promotes a balanced and robust mind. Welcome to a journey through which natural and scientific ideas collide to naturally empower your memory.

Memory training tips are the mental workouts that sculpt our cognitive prowess, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

How to increase memory power Naturally?: 10 proven Methods

It’s completely normal to forget answers during your exams, but it gets messed up when you forget even simple things like wishing your friend their birthday, filling up water bottles, not remembering routes, calling your boss for a leave (well we never forget that) to get over these embarrassing situations and keep your memory sharp I have written down 10 tips that can help you increase and retain your memory for a longer time.

How to increase memory power Naturally?: 10 proven Methods

So, here are the 10 best hacks to increase memory!

Be attentive

We tend to get lost during our daily routines. You are cooking and just within those two minutes, you forget whether you added the salt or not. You are all set to leave from home and within seconds of closing the door shut, you panic about whether you took the keys out.

To avoid all of this, you need to be attentive and be in the moment of everything you are doing, try to concentrate on one thing at a time and this will solve most of your small memory glitches.

To sharpen your memory is to fine-tune the instrument of your mind, creating a symphony of recall and recognition in every facet of life.

Stop Multitasking

If you stop multitasking it’s easier to prioritize one thing and finish it faster than multitasking. So if you have 2 tasks at hand try to prioritize one after the other, this will improve your memory retention and you might even enjoy doing those tasks.

Discover the transformative power within as you embark on a journey to boost memory power – unlocking the untapped reservoirs of your intellectual potential.


Body movements are extremely important for a lot of reasons and keeping your memory sharp is one of those. It’s important to get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your brain working constantly.

For that, you need to move from the couch, get out, and move your muscles into action. You can start by brisk walking daily, jogging in the morning, or even doing yoga at home can do wonders.

If you are lazy or a couch potato, you tend to give less importance to any detail. You don’t think memorizing something is worth your energy.

Mental workout

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you walked in the first place? And you just think for a minute and then come back and bam! It strikes back. You can avoid this whole time waste by imagining what you are going to do.

Mental workout

If you want to get a pen from the room, imagine a pen in your mind, keep that mental picture steadily in your head and it will not go away when you walk into the room. When you want to remember something, picture it in your head, it’s that simple.

If the problem remains you can try a wonderful mental exercise called “Meditation”. Research has confirmed that meditation can help you reduce stress, reduce mental or physical pain, enhance memory, and improve efficiency.

Tips for better memory are the guiding stars in the constellation of cognitive wellness, illuminating the path toward a more vibrant and enduring recollection.


Resting is just as important as moving your body. You need enough rest to keep your mind working at a healthy rate. This tip is especially important for people who are preparing for exams or do double shifts in their jobs.

Don’t keep working all the time, you need to stop when your brain gives you a hint that your saturation level for the day has crossed. Give it a rest and you’ll remember things better the next day.


This one is a real enemy for you. Stress causes so many problems and one of them is a bad memory. If you keep stressing over things, how will you remember about it? And obviously, who wants to even remember something that gave them stress in the first place?

You need to take a deep breath and let go of it. Just as Lord Krishna said, “What has already happened in the past you cannot change that, and if it hasn’t happened yet why do you need to worry about it?”


If remembering a schedule is problematic for you then start putting reminders. It is possible that you fix an appointment a month later and you forget about it. You must put a reminder in your phone right away.

The same goes for birthdays and any other important dates like your anniversary or your wife’s birthday. You can also keep reminders if you want to change a habit like drinking or smoking.

Add info

Every time you want to remember something, associate that particular thing with some important detail that’s easy for your brain to remember. Like, when is your boss’s birthday?

That day when she wore a black saree for the first time, remember? When is your wedding anniversary? the day you gifted her a diamond ring last year. Want to remember that Kabir Doha? Learn its meaning and you will remember it better.


Oh, this is my favorite. How many of you out there learned the rainbow colors through Vibgyor? This is called learning through acronyms. Visualization is another mnemonic to help you remember things better.

Picture it, like I said in one of the above points. Rhyming too helps to remember things. It is proper psychology research that rhymes help you remember better.

Brain food

Remember your mother always said to eat Almonds? Yeah, they do work. And there are a lot of other types of food you can eat that will improve your memory. Berries of any kind, blueberries, and strawberries are great for memory.

Then there is broccoli and cabbage. That haldi doodh (milk with turmeric) that your parents make you drink when you’re unwell, regular intake can improve your memory. And the best one is dark chocolate! But don’t binge eat, that can worsen everything.

A sharp memory can make you a really intelligent person, not only for good marks or to impress your boss but for your overall growth as a human being. Remember these above points to increase your memory and you can achieve anything in your life.

The first thing you can do for memory retention is try to remember what was the first point that I mentioned in this blog. Any guesses? No worries you can always scroll above or bookmark this page.

Explore the menu of diet for memory improvement, savoring the delectable ingredients that nourish your brain and cultivate a garden of mnemonic brilliance


What are some quick memory training tips I can incorporate into my daily routine?

Focus on being attentive in your activities, avoid multitasking, engage in regular physical exercise, and practice mindfulness through activities like meditation.

How can I naturally boost my memory power through diet?

Include memory-boosting foods like berries, broccoli, and dark chocolate in your diet, along with maintaining a well-balanced and nutritious overall eating habit.

Are there specific lifestyle changes that can contribute to better memory?

Yes, embrace lifestyle changes such as prioritizing quality sleep, managing stress effectively, and incorporating brain exercises into your routine for enhanced memory.

What role does mental fitness play in maintaining brain health and memory?

Mental fitness is crucial; it involves activities like memory training, engaging in memory games, and practicing mindfulness, contributing to a resilient mind and enhanced memory capacity.

Can mnemonic techniques improve my memory, and how do they work?

Mnemonics, like acronyms and visualization, aid memory by creating associations that make information easier to remember, turning abstract data into vivid mental images.

How can students improve their memory for better academic performance?

Students can enhance memory by adopting effective memory improvement tips, such as creating associations, using mnemonic devices, and incorporating regular breaks during study sessions.

Are there specific brain exercises to strengthen memory that I can easily integrate into my daily routine?

Absolutely, simple brain exercises like puzzles, reading, and learning new skills challenge the mind, fostering neural connections and contributing to improved memory function over time.

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